digital art


18 of 18 limited edition prints are available of each image and design; mix and match:

Astro, black monkey on white background

Bark, white monkey on orange background (not shown)

Box, white monkey on red background (not shown)

Chatter, black monkey on red background

Fried, white monkey on yellow background (not shown)

Hibiscus, black monkey on pink background

Naut, white monkey on black background

Pecan, black monkey on purple background (not shown)

Pie, white monkey on purple background

Plantain, black monkey on yellow background

Rapids, white monkey on blue background

Roaring, black monkey on blue background (not shown)

Syrup, white monkey on pink background (not shown)

Top, white monkey on green background (not shown)

Tree, black monkey on green background

Willow, black monkey on orange background


Monkey (swinging monkey)

Look What I Found (butterfly)

Petals (floral ball)

Pile On (falling leaves)

Too Much? (floral collar)


12"H x 12"W


Shari P Kantor


Monkey Love Collection

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