Shari P Kantor


digital art

limited edition of only 18 prints of each image

metal print size 12 x 12 inches


Super, black elephant on white background

Moon, white elephant on black background

Greeting, white elephant on red background (not shown)

Ceremony, black elephant on red background

Social, white elephant on pink background (not shown)

Butterfly, black elephant on pink background

Infrasonic, white elephant on orange background (not shown)

Rumble, black elephant on orange background

Banana, white elephant on yellow background (not shown)

Stems, black elephant on yellow background

Salted, white elephant on green background

Peanuts, black elephant on green background (not shown)

Calm, white elephant on blue background

Oasis, black elephant on blue background (not shown)
Beet, white elephant on purple background (not shown)
Pulp, black elephant on purple background

Elephant (walking elephant)

Don't I Look Pretty (bow on tail)
Look What I Found (butterfly)
Petals (floral ball)
Too Much? (floral cuffs)

Elephant Love Collection

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