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Wedding Glass Paintings

send Shari your wedding glass and she'll turn it into a painting


14"H x 11"W/11"H x 14"W      $360.00 unframed/$540.00 framed

20"H x 16"W/16"H x 20"W   $540.00 unframed/$720.00 framed

Hamsa Paintings

send Shari the name(s) to be included and two favorite colors


7"H x 5"W                     $90.00 unframed/$118.00 framed

12"H x 12"W                   $118.00 unframed/$136.00 framed

Abstract Paintings

send Shari your sentimental objects and she'll turn them into a painting for a $118.00 surcharge



5"H x 7"W/7"H x 5"W          $90.00 unframed

10"H x 14"W/14"H x 10"W      $254.00 unframed

11"H x 14"W/14"H x 11"W        $360.00 unframed

12"H x 12"W                     $118.00 unframed

12"H x 24"W/24"H x 12"W      $372.00 unframed



16"H x 20"W/20"H x 16"W      $540.00 unframed

18"H x 24"W/24"H x 18"W      $720.00 unframed

20"H x 24"W/24"H x 20"W    $900.00 unframed

24"H x 48"W/48"H x 24"W    $1118.00 unframed

24"H x 60"W/60"H x 24"W    $1136.00 unframed



30"H x 48"W/48"H x 30"W    $1540.00 unframed

36"H x 60"W/60"H x 36"W     $1720.00 unframed



additional sizes available upon request

total prices are listed above

50% deposit due to begin commission

50% balance due prior to shipment


Jewish wedding breaking glass art by Shari P Kantor spkcreative
Jewish Hamsa to ward off the evil eye with hand of G-d by Shari P Kantor spkcreative
Commission abstract art by Shari P Kantor American artist