Can you donate a work of art by Shari and/or SPKCreative products to my charity?


We give tzedekah as private citizens to our favorite charitable organizations. We do not usually donate Shari's works of art and/or SPKCreative products either as a business or as private citizens, but we will consider each request provided the following information is included: what the charity promotes, what the event is, how the work of art and/or products will be displayed and how Shari, SPKCreative, the work of art and the products will be promoted by the charity.


We reserve the right to deny your donation request. If your request has been accepted, we reserve the right to withdraw Shari's work of art and/or SPKCreative's products at anytime prior to the event if the charity, event, charity representative and/or event representative has misrepresented itself/himself/herself or how it/he/she will promote Shari, SPKCreative, the work of art and the products.