Shari P Kantor and Paul R Kantor are the sole owners and employees of Shari P Kantor Creative Universe SPKCreative LLC and its divisions.


How do I work for you?


Shari does not use assistants in the creation of her works of art and art-based products.


Shari does not contract out her Creative Services work. 


We will create a detailed Careers page should the need for help arise in the future, but wish you the very best in your career search.



How do I become a vendor for you?


We do not hire marketing, SEO and/or website vendors, nor do we distribute or manufacture art-based products, but wish you the very best in your client search.


We are interested in curators; galleries; manufacturers with custom print-on-demand, packaging and small-run textile capabilities; interior designers; set designers; stage designers; event planners; event venues; and event suppliers.


Shari is available for beta-testing of painting mediums, design software and textile substrates. We are available for beta-testing of chocolate😉