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Artist Statements

how Shari views her paintings and galleries


I view everything and everyone as canvas, see patterns even when my eyes are closed and firmly believe that sparkle should be used liberally.


Camera Brush Gallery: The camera is a modern paintbrush, so the images I take tend to be very colorful. The images in the Camera Brush Gallery are just a sample of what happens when I'm behind the lens.


Glow Gallery: Digital art at its most vibrant. The paintings in the Glow Gallery don't always have my physical signature, but you will always know that I am the one who created these future-forward works of art.


Judaica Gallery: As part of my effort to practice tikkun olam, 18% of the profit from the sale of each painting in the Judaica Gallery will be donated to one or more of my favorite charities. For commissioned Judaica paintings, including hamsas and wedding glass paintings, 18% of the profit will be donated to the Jewish organization/synagogue of your choice.


Paint To The Beat Gallery: I frequently create paintings while listening to diverse musical genres, including alternative, classical, dance, jazz, pop, rap, reggae, rock and samba. The paintings in the Paint To The Beat Gallery are the result of my music-fueled sessions.

Pink Sky Gallery: The world is both my inspiration and my canvas. The vividly cheerful paintings in the Pink Sky Gallery reflect that view.

Storytime Gallery: I've always loved watching cartoons and animated films, as well as reading cheerfully loopy or unique fairy tales, fables and other forms of literature. The paintings in the Storytime Gallery reflect those influences.

Trailblazer Gallery: I received my first professional easel, palette, paints and brushes as a bat mitzvah gift in 1987, and I've been creating vibrant works ever since. The paintings in the Trailblazer Gallery are from the beginning of my artistic career.

I Am A Butterfly Gallery: Commission a painting as unique as you are! 

Artist Quotes

how Shari views the (art) world


"Attempts to silence an artist will instead empower her to shout."  Shari Pedowitz, 2017

"Don't trust people who get mad at rainbows." Shari Pedowitz, 2015


"Everyone and everything is canvas, honey." Shari Pedowitz, 2014


"After G-d, I'm my favorite artist because I always believe in myself and my art." Shari Pedowitz, 2014


"I love being underestimated because it's more fun for me when I succeed." Shari Pedowitz, 2014


"Good art draws you in, great art stays with you long after you've viewed it." Shari Pedowitz, 2013


"Without art, there'd just be a bunch of blank walls and depressed people." Shari Pedowitz, 2012

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